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Last night my 14-year-old and I went to the Olivia Rodrigo concert. I was properly horrified upon seeing the ticket prices and have continued to complain about them ever sense confirming my three digit code on the back of my credit card at purchase. I usually don’t balk when it comes to spending on experiences, but these prices were a whole new level of obscene. That said, my Olivia hardly ever asks for anything, and so when she wouldn’t let up on sending her dad and me Vivid Seat and Stubhub ticket options, we caved.

And boy am I glad we did!

Liv knew every single word to every single song. Three songs in, I could tell she would have no voice left by the end of the evening. I could have cried watching her (my Olivia, not the one on stage – though she was fab). I was mesmerized by how absolutely absorbed Liv was in the experience. As a quiet, shy kid, seeing her lost in that music, any self-consciousness checked at the door, was something to witness.

She didn’t need a friend. She didn’t need her phone. In that crowd of 20,000 it somehow seemed like it was just her and the music! She was stunning, and confident, and didn’t give a shit what anyone else was doing as she danced and sang the night away.

Experience Gifts for the Win – ALWAYS

Not only did Olivia say last night was one of the best experiences of her life, but it also opened up great car convo. On the way home, I shared my generation’s version of this concert with Olivia: the Jagged Little Pill playlist on Spotify 😉

Rodrigo was equal parts adorable and feisty, the crowd was electric, and my daughter was the happiest. At one point the Olivia on stage asked who was there with their best friend – Liv hooted and hollered and looked at me, smiling big and bright. Then Rodrigo asked who was there with their parent – Liv hooted and hollered and looked at me, smiling big and bright. For this one little moment in time (cue Whitney) I loved being able to hold both those roles simultaneously.

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