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Worth every goddamn penny

Last night my 14-year-old and I went to the Olivia Rodrigo concert. I was properly horrified upon seeing the ticket ...
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Easy Prey Exhibit

Last week I attended an exhibit called Easy Prey by artist Kimberly Chapman at the Emily Davis Gallery housed at ...
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A month and a half ago, I attended the Cleveland Fringe Festival which features emerging artists. There were 35 shows ...
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Please quit telling me what I don’t want to do

Ok peeps,  I’ve just got to say it. If I hear one more person tell me what I don’t want ...
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CLE Coffee Shop Tour

The CLE Coffee House Tour is a wrap! It has been so fun trying all the your recommendations. Here is ...
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the ocean, she tempts me. the ocean, i heed.

Seven Days in SoCal Day 1: Pacific Palisades I had the chance to meet an IG friend in IRL this ...
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Urgently Alive

Sooo..what'd ya do last night? Today in a work meeting I was sharing my after work activities with my team ...
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Gifts of the Dark and of the Sea

I've had a ripped out section of a magazine page hung on my fridge for the past few years. It ...
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Rejection Points Please

I was trying to keep my promise to myself to get more organized, and so I attempted (yet again) to ...
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Farm for Misfit Horses

But First Fancy Dinner Nick is the best date planner pretty much on the planet. Mainly because "Kristina Days" are ...
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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing eli"

- Zeno